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WordPress Website Development for a Tech Company’s Website

We built the customer-facing marketing website for a software development company named SR Consulting. We worked closely with SR Consulting’s owner to construct a visitor experience that provided potential clientele with the necessary information while presenting a sense of professionalism that accurately represented the company’s brand. In addition to developing the website, we created the website’s copywriting and contributed to the On-site SEO efforts.

Website Development

  • WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript (ES6).

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter using Hootsuite.

UI/UX Design

  • For this client’s design efforts, we used a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketch.

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SR Consulting

SR Consulting provides custom .Net technical development services to a range of different types of companies. If you are a small business, a consulting organization, or a specific type of professional practice – they can meet your tech needs.

SR Consulting
Website Development, UI/UX Design, and Digital Marketing