Custom Website Development For Company Brand Website

After the development of the website, we were recruited to help put together a web scraper that assisted in the mass collection of leads from the web. The web scraper was used in conjunction with the Twilio Lookup API to provide PTS with a richer and more useful data set to work with.

Prestige Tech Solutions provides online and offline business solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of small to large businesses. The company has representatives that specialize in a wide range of industries including Cloud-based, Business Phone Systems, Custom Audio and Video Design, POS, Mobile Payment, and EMV Services.

Skills & Technologies Used:

Website Development

  • WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript (ES6).

Server Administration (SysAdmin) & Data Science

  • Ubuntu, Digital Ocean, ServerPilot, LetsEncrypt.
  • Docker, Python, Portia, Twilio Lookup.

UI/UX Design

  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketch.
  • WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript.


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