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Key Problems and Challenges

  1. The entrepreneur with the idea for this web app wanted to develop an eLearning app tailored to language learning.
  2. The initial concept was very high-level, and we needed to develop a technical plan that allowed for a minimum viable product that implemented the critical components of the web app’s concept.
  3. Additional, somewhat complex features emerged after the original plan was formed and needed to be integrated into the technical framework that we had already started building.
  4. Both the teacher and student user types had to be considered very differently.

Project outcomes

The Chateo Web App MVP was developed and launched successfully. We intensively test and iterate on bug and usability issues. Currently, the eLearning web app’s pilot program is being launched in various Long Island, NY schools. Additionally, the web app’s founder is pursuing a seed round of investment to further the app’s technical development, user acquisition, and marketing.

Lesson learned & future direction.

This project was pretty smooth for the most part. The major lessons learned during this process revolved around project scope definition with a non-technical client and MVPing a digital app product with WordPress. It’s essential to make sure that everything is extra clear and concretely defined when working with a non-technical entrepreneur, and it’s important to acknowledge the limitations and need for constant updates when creating an app’s MVP with WordPress.

We plan to continue to support updates and maintenance for the app. We look forward to the acquisition of investment funding so we can develop the next technical development iteration of the Chateo web app based on the user insights learned during the Chateo Pilot Program on Long Island, NY.

Product Development Techniques

User Stories, Product Roadmap, Kanban, Rapid Iterative Approach, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), User Feedback-driven Development, Agile Development.

Web App Development

WordPress, Buddyboss, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript.

Project Management & Design

Monday, Slack, Balsamiq, Sketch.

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Chateo Web App MVP

It’s time for your students to SPEAK-UP, SAY-WHAT and SHOW-OFF! Chateo makes your classroom a community of speakers by providing a common space where students can record and share their speaking skills with the teacher and their classmates.

Teachers can easily create fun and interactive speaking activities through three speaking platforms (the Speak-up, the Say-what and the Show-off). Chateo designed each of these speaking platforms to implement ACTFL’s World Language standards for speaking, ensuring the development of interpretive speaking skills, interpersonal speaking skills and presentational speaking skills.

Chateo Language Learning
Web App Development, UI/UX Designs, Product Development