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Key Problems and Challenges

  1. This startup had previously worked with an app development firm that failed and stopped halfway through the project.
  2. The existing app’s code was programmed with a framework that was not optimal for app development and was geared more toward enterprise websites.
  3. The app required a complicated automated resume creation feature.

Project outcomes

The Total Access Recruiting web app was successfully designed, developed, and deployed. We were able to develop the core features of the app, the resume creator, and integrate geolocation technology. The end product greatly pleased the client, and we planned additional features for the next release.

Lesson learned & future direction

Working with a team that understands product development and has a solid vision for what they wanted the web app product to accomplish for users was a breeze. I look forward to working with the Total Access Recruiting team for future web app releases.

Custom Web App Development

ReactJS, NodeJS, NextJS, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Project Management & Design

Monday, Slack, Balsamiq, Sketch.

Product Development Techniques

User Stories, Product Roadmap, Kanban, Rapid Iterative Approach, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), User Feedback-driven Development, Agile Development.

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Total Access Recruiting

Match with new insurance career opportunities in minutes. Never miss a job posting that matches your skills. A NEW WAY OF GETTING RECRUITED in The Insurance Industry. When you create a profile at Total Access, our real-time recruiting engine matches your skills with job openings from a network of more than 7,000 brokers across the tri-state area. It’s free, and it’s completely anonymous until you actually apply for a job.

Total Access Recruiting
Web App Development, Product Development, UI/UX Design