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Key Problems and Challenges

  1. The Rio Grande Valley community is complex and multicultural, requiring much research and analysis to understand how to serve content.
  2. The multi-cultural aspect of the target audience requires authentically multi-lingual content in English and Spanish.
  3. The primary goal of the Rio Grande Valley Content Hub is to better serve the complex community with the information they seek and partake in the up-and-coming destination, the Rio Grande Valley.

Project outcomes

The Rio Grande Valley Content Hub launched in early 2023 and has been gaining online visibility and promising traffic. Based on UX and search data, there have been some incremental improvements.

Lesson learned & future direction.

A major update and new articles are set to launch in early 2024, leveraging insights learned from data analytics. Rio Grande Valley Content Hub will also pilot partnerships with local writers and artists.

Product Development Techniques

User Stories, Product Roadmap, Kanban, Rapid Iterative Approach, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), User Feedback-driven Development, Agile Development.

Website Development

WordPress, Elementor, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript.

Project Management & Design

Monday, Slack, Excalidraw, Figma.

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Rio Grande Valley Content Hub

Uncover the heart of the Rio Grande Valley Texas with us. We report on everything in RGV – lifestyle, business, art, and activities. We have been serving the Lower Rio Grande Valley Since 2022.

We’re the Rio Grande Valley Content Hub, and we’re all about bringing the best of the RGV straight to you! Our mission is to showcase the diverse and vibrant culture of this amazing region, from its delicious food and rich history to its talented locals and exciting events. We’re passionate about spreading the word and sharing our love for the RGV with the world. So join us on this journey and discover why the RGV is more than just a place, it’s a way of life!

Rio Grande Valley Content Hub
Digital Product Development, Website Development, UI/UX Design