Key Problems and Challenges

  1. The digital marketing landscape needed to be understood and researched.
  2. Previously, different parties handled the website.
  3. The various companies providing digital marketing and web development services were missing out on essential channels.
  4. The previous web development team was using a template that was used for all their clients.

Project outcomes

We completed the digital marketing jumpstart for Beachwalk’s Elite Hotels and Resorts. This included a new website, market research, competitive research, topic research, keyword research, on-page optimization, technical optimization, performance optimization, content strategy development, content writing, and implementing our Pro data analytics framework.

We took over all components of website development and digital marketing services that many disjointed parties previously handled. The new website in digital marketing strategy is customized to fit the existing seasonal campaigns and financial systems that were still in place.

Digital marketing and website development services significantly increased targeted website traffic, website conversions, and online revenue.

Lesson learned & future direction.

We learned that taking over a project with many parties handling different components can be very complex, and the other parties tend not to be very cooperative. While this project was a success, we took on responsibilities outside what we aim to offer. This project taught us that we needed to define exactly what we offer more concretely and limit our services.

We continued working on this project for a year with our month-to-month digital marketing package. We continued to see increased traffic, conversions, and Revenue to the website. Around the time the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the hospitality industry was greatly negatively affected. We reduced our services to maintaining the website and ensuring no significant errors.

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Custom Website Development

Digital Product Development

Digital Marketing

SEMrush, Google Lighthouse, Google Analytics, Google Search Console.

Custom Website Development

WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript.

Project Management & Design

Monday, Slack, Balsamiq, Sketch.

Product Development Techniques

User Stories, Product Roadmap, Kanban, Rapid Iterative Approach, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), User Feedback-driven Development, Agile Development.

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