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Key Problems and Challenges

  1. There was no existing website for this company.
  2. The digital marketing landscape was not understood or researched.
  3. The main product was a web app that had a complex DNS configuration that made performance optimization complex.

Project outcomes

founX did not want to do a digital marketing JumpStart but wanted to start with the month-to-month digital marketing package. We successfully built a new website and implemented our digital marketing strategy over three or four months.

Lesson learned & future direction

Our digital marketing services began driving substantial and paid ad traffic to the founX website. We perform these services exclusively during the pandemic and ended services because the client wants to focus on a different product within their company.

Digital Marketing

SEMrush, Google Lighthouse, Google Analytics, Google Search Console.

Custom Website Development

WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript.

Project Management & Design

Monday, Slack, Balsamiq, Sketch.

Product Development Techniques

User Stories, Product Roadmap, Kanban, Rapid Iterative Approach, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), User Feedback-driven Development, Agile Development.

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