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Key Problems and Challenges

  1. Audio Work Stations needed a custom WordPress plugin to upgrade their studio booking operations. No off-the-shelf solution met their booking system’s unique requirements.
  2. Attempting to combine different WordPress plugins seemed like it would work at first, but this approach did not allow us to achieve the specific process.
  3. The initial requirements were not defined clearly enough at the start of the project, leading to scope creep towards the end of the project. Clearing up any grey areas in the project is especially important when working with non-technical clients.

Project outcomes

The Booking Calendar Custom WordPress Plugin was completed, and we trained their team to use the digital product adequately. The company is in the process of fully integrating the new booking calendar into its business operations.

Lesson learned & future direction.

It is extremely important to fully define the project scope even when it can take longer and troubleshoot early in the project. If there are other parties involved, it’s always best to work directly with the client.

We have continued working with their project lead on other digital solutions, such as website development and other projects that could make alternative use of the booking calendar WordPress plugin.

Website Development & Custom WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript.

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Audio Workstations

Two audio engineers sat down at a bar one day and began planning how to turn their passion into a dream. They took the knowledge they acquired from their background in education and studio management, and combined it with their experience of freelance recording and thus, created Audioworkstations.

Founders John Jerome, Mathew Einsidler noticed a lack of available recording studio space that was modern & affordable. They saw a need for a studio that would be the perfect middle ground between the existing options of working for an at home studio or a large format commercial studio! This is where Audioworkstations was born. Once they dove into the world of music business they realized the additional need for podcasting, YouTube, and streaming.

Inspired by this vision they expanded their team bringing on JustE! as a new owner for her shared vision of healing the world with music and creating a safe environment, where the modern audio and/or visual professional can focus on taking their business and making it into their dream job.

Audio Workstations
Website Development, Custom WordPress Plugin Development, UI/UX Design