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UI/UX Design Services Brownsville TX


What is UI/UX Design?


User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) handle different aspects of website and app building. Put simply, UI is about “signpost” coding – buttons, toggles, icons, etc. through which the user navigates the site. While UX is about how easily the user accepts the UI and the overall interactive experience. For instance, do users rush to engage? Are there significant pauses between engagement activities?

Goals of Good User Experience Design


Client hesitation is a challenge that business owners know only too well. You’ve probably developed defensive maneuvers that bring your clients to “yes.” Your web presence is a reflection of your business – an extension of the products and services you offer. It’s also an effective engagement hub between you and your clients, once you’ve reached them.

Many websites and apps catch fire right away, some even earning media attention for their popularity. Exhilarating as publicity may be, those eyeballs may not translate into sales. To recognize what to look for in a winning UX experience, let’s go step-by-step through the process. Are you ready?


Deep Dive: The Difference Between UI and UX


As we mentioned earlier, user interface (UI) design is graphics-oriented, creating the look and functionality of the pages; while user experience (UX) design focuses on user interaction and engagement. In both cases, however, the emphasis is on the “user.”

You don’t have to become an expert


Just think of:

  • UI as creating a magazine cover, putting all the visual elements in place.
  • UX as the effect of the magazine cover on readers: gauging their reactions, and perhaps changing the cover lines for more impact.

Enlist a UI UX Design Company


Do not make the mistake of thinking – or let others convince you – that UI/UX design is “touchy-feely” and does not need to be prioritized at the outset. In the past, technical developers, intent on wire-framing a site, may have done so. This often resulted in many, many adjustments, or even confused or dissatisfied users if not corrected.

The World of UI/UX Design is Constantly Evolving


At Pronova Designs, we keep up-to-date with UI/UX design’s ongoing development, so that your website remains competitive.

We do this by:

  • Delivering tested designs to keep your UI/UX current.
  • Pronova Designs’ UI app design process uses functional wireframes and customized user flow.
  • Ensuring that your UI/UX designs make sense on all platforms, smoothly transitioning between web and mobile for an optimal user experience.

User Interface Designs for Web, Mobile Apps, or Both?


Today’s UI/UX design and development services focus on two digital settings — web and mobile. While a web interface can adapt to the size of a smartphone screen, mobile apps are built with smartphones in mind and created for such platforms as iOS or Android.

The advantage of a web user experience that adapts to mobile device screens is the ease of accessibility. But if you require mobile device-specific functionality or you wish to transfer sensitive data, a mobile app has greater functionality potential and more security features. With an optimized UI design mobile app, your business gains the potential for exponential growth, since more than 6.3 billion all over the world are glued to their smartphones.

User Interface and User Experience Design Process

We use our tried and true UI/UX design process while constantly incorporating your feedback throughout.

Mockups with Balsamiq

Mockups with Balsamiq

We use Balsamiq to produce and rapidly iterate structural mockups after working directly with you to define the project's plan.

Pixel Perfect Design with Sketch

Pixel Perfect Design with Sketch

We use Sketch to create high-fidelity designs that are cross-platform and can be easily passed off to developers.

Design Prototyping with Sketch

Design Prototyping with Sketch

We use Sketch's powerful design prototyping tools to develop interactive designs so that everyone can collaborate on in the cloud.

Choose Pronova Designs for Your UI/UX Design and Development Services

For business owners, the purposes of UI/UX design are to create an incomparable brand presence and an irresistible sales funnel. Companies can acquire new users and business partnerships, keep existing users or business partnerships and impress them all.

At Pronova Designs, we help you accomplish these goals by making your web presence as easy to use and as visually appealing as possible. We have a background in both the technical and design aspects of the website and app development process, and we see design as equally important as technical execution.

Our user experience design services are some of the best

At Pronova Designs, our team uses cutting-edge UI/UX design processes to structurally and aesthetically bring your app or website to life. Mobile app UI design best practices include several abilities for your customers to connect with you and your business. Our interactive designs are routinely tested and researched to ensure the best results. We offer:

  • Mobile app UI/UX design
  • Hybrid app UI design
  • UI design app for iPad
  • UI design of Android app

There’s no blind-siding. We construct interactive prototypes, including mockups and demos, so you can be sure to follow along during every step in the process.

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