A Passion For Innovational Product Development

Our digital product development process encompasses all necessary efforts for a product, or service, to be brought from concept creation to market deployment. We have a passion for innovational product development that is executed in tangent with a well-defined business strategy based on in-depth market research. We aim to concurrently create the best possible digital product to match our client’s vision, while engaging in rigorous market research and data analysis to determine a product’s best market positioning. We uncover potential product opportunities to capitalize on and hazardous pitfalls to avoid.

An Overview of OurDigital Product DevelopmentProcess

We believe that definitive digital product functionality and business-level goals must be defined early-on in the development process. In order to ensure the development of the most effective and successful product we start with a base product plan and rapidly iterate as we receive valuable user feedback throughout the different phases of product development.

Our product development process is iterative and emphasizes the importance of testing and collecting user feedback at each stage of development. Drawing insights from user feedback helps guide the development of a product to successfully solve the problems and meet the demands of a target user persona.

Building From A Solid Foundation

We start with a heavy focus on defining the client’s vision for their app product. We brainstorm to define the unique value proposition alongside preliminary market research to develop our initial buyer persona(s). We depict our client’s vision in a series of mockups to help visualize the app product’s flow and analyze which features are most important and if any are missing. Once we have the mockup and flow finalized we continue to bring the designs to life with native iOS, Android, and Web UI elements. Our digital products are designed for complete cross-device compatibility.

Next, we move in the technical development phase where the front-end development, server-side development, database development takes place. We tailor a digital product’s tech stack to meet the functionality requirements. If the client has preferred development frameworks that they would like us to work with — we are open to suggestions.

The ImportanceOf Proper Testing& Deployment

The product testing and deployment phase follows the core technical development phase. We use simulated test environments as well as more in-depth testing with actual devices. Most frequently we integrate Crashlytics into our projects for effective and efficient debugging. If a digital product potentially uses an excessive amount of system resources, we can use resource usage analysis and performance optimization techniques to ensure that your product’s users will not run into any usability issues.

Once the product is extensively tested and is ready for market, we execute the deployment efforts. Each type of digital product has a specific method for deploying to market. This can include deployment to the iOS App Store, deployment to the Android Play store, deployment to the web, and deployment of server-side API and database code.

Our Product Development Techniques & Tools

User Stories, Kanban, & Rapid Iterative Approach

User Feedback-driven Development & Test-driven Development

Sketch, InVision, & Balsamiq

LEAN & Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Agile Development & Waterfall-Agile Hybrid Development

Slack, Trello, & Git

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