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Latin Eye

Let Your Voice Be Heard By Contributing Stills & Videos We are helping guide and drive all aspects of product development for this project. We are working on this project’s UI/UX Design alongside the company’s founder. We plan to execute the project’s iOS MVP technical app development and web app as soon as the interface […]

Meleworks LLC

We Are An Official Partner Of Meleworks LLC We work together with Meleworks LLC to provide various data science and data engineering solutions to companies. End-to-End Custom Data Solutions Custom Data Dashboard Development Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics Skills & Technologies End-to-End Data Solution   Customer Data Dashboard   Machine Learning & Advanced Analytics Do […]


Key Problems and Challenges JDM Hospitality did not have a company website and was only represented online with a small page with little content on their parent company’s website. The digital marketing landscape around JDM Hospitality was not understood or researched. The company’s digital marketing strategy was not developed or researched. Project outcomes We successfully […]

Chateo Web App MVP


Key Problems and Challenges The entrepreneur with the idea for this web app wanted to develop an eLearning app tailored to language learning. The initial concept was very high-level, and we needed to develop a technical plan that allowed for a minimum viable product that implemented the critical components of the web app’s concept. Additional, […]

LISTnet Long Island Software & Technology Network

LISTnet Long Island: The Digital Ballpark Days LISTnet’s central mission is to advance Long Island as a national center of excellence for software and technology. It connects companies, the government, and other parties to stimulate the tech scene on Long Island. The organization holds LISTnet events that allow tech-type professionals to connect and share ideas. Additionally, the […]

Boba Tea Express

Key Problems and Challenges The Clover e-commerce system developed by a previous technical team had critical errors that made the system unusable for the newly opened company. The company website’s e-commerce component was not syncing correctly with the Clover e-commerce system. The company’s Google My Business Clover integration failed, and some information needed updating. The […]

Audio Workstations

Key Problems and Challenges Audio Work Stations needed a custom WordPress plugin to upgrade their studio booking operations. No off-the-shelf solution met their booking system’s unique requirements. Attempting to combine different WordPress plugins seemed like it would work at first, but this approach did not allow us to achieve the specific process. The initial requirements […]