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Latin Eye

Let Your Voice Be Heard By Contributing Stills & Videos We are helping guide and drive all aspects of product development for this project. We are working on this project’s UI/UX Design alongside the company’s founder. We plan to execute the project’s iOS MVP technical app development and web app as soon as the interface […]

Rosas Medical Clinic Brownsville TX

We Built the Rosas Medical Clinic Brownsville TX Website We worked together with the business owners and doctors at Rosas Medical Clinic Brownsville TX to build a marketing website with high conversion potential. Rosas Medical Clinic is located in Brownsville, Texas, where top-notch doctor Dr. Carlos Rosas M.D. puts his veteran medical expertise into action. We used the latest […]

popspot Mobile App (formerly known as “ObviPop”)


popspot Mobile App – A Foot Traffic-driven Social Map For Your Business. popspot offers an innovative B2B mobile marketing software as a Service (SaaS). The mobile application provides location-specific advertising aimed at driving traffic to your business. popspot offers a foot traffic-driven Social Map for your business, which provides location specific advertising aimed to drive […]

Gigi Wanders

Key problems and challenges The digital marketing landscape was not understood or researched. This was a new project and did not yet have a website or digital marketing strategy. There is no traction as a new startup project, and we are starting from scratch. Project outcomes We completed the digital marketing Jumpstart for Gigi Wanders. […]

iTap App Mobile UI Design

iTap Mobile App Design With Sketch One of the iTap App project’s unique challenges revolved around certain legal limitations the design was subject to. We ensured that the regulatory boundaries were not broken while preserving the elegance and ease-of-use we aimed to implement. The iTap Mobile App was successfully passed onto the internal technical development team for […]

Bar Harbor Web Design

We Are An Official Partner Of Bar Harbor Web Design We work together with Bar Harbor Web Design to provide digital marketing services to existing website clients and new prospective website clients. We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), In-depth Keyword Research, On-site Content Optimization, On-site Technical Optimization, Internal Link Optimization, External Link Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), […]

Total Access Recruiting


Key Problems and Challenges This startup had previously worked with an app development firm that failed and stopped halfway through the project. The existing app’s code was programmed with a framework that was not optimal for app development and was geared more toward enterprise websites. The app required a complicated automated resume creation feature. Project […]

Chateo Web App MVP


Key Problems and Challenges The entrepreneur with the idea for this web app wanted to develop an eLearning app tailored to language learning. The initial concept was very high-level, and we needed to develop a technical plan that allowed for a minimum viable product that implemented the critical components of the web app’s concept. Additional, […]

New York State Insurance Fund Where’s My Check


Mobile App Development for New York State Insurance Fund Where’s My Check Mobile App For this project, we worked in a large team comprised of New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) managers and server-side developers. NYSIF Underwriter required that the original website design schema be preserved, while the app designs met specific legal and accessibility demands. New York […]

Audio Workstations

Key Problems and Challenges Audio Work Stations needed a custom WordPress plugin to upgrade their studio booking operations. No off-the-shelf solution met their booking system’s unique requirements. Attempting to combine different WordPress plugins seemed like it would work at first, but this approach did not allow us to achieve the specific process. The initial requirements […]