Technical IT Support & Custom Web Development for BDR Creative Concepts

We provided BDR Creative Concepts with digital development services over the years. Earlier BDR services focused on graphic design and on-site system administration for their traditional office setup. Additionally, we provided on-site server networking support. Our duties included networking maintenance and troubleshooting.

Later Work With Between Creative Concepts Marketing

Later work consisted mostly of website development projects. Naturally, as a creative marketing agency, BDR Marketing had a large client base in need of delving deeper into the online world of digital marketing. We worked with BDR to come up with website solutions to build a stronger online presence for their existing client base.

What Does a Website Developer Do?

Website development consists of front-end website development and back-end website development. Website developers dealing with the front-end are responsible for how the user interface looks and how the user experience feels. Examples of tasks involve programming the website layout, graphical elements, content writing, and other content. Website developers dealing with the back-end are responsible for the programmatic logic that allows for more dynamic functionality. Examples of tasks involve programming the CMS configuration, contact form submission, integrating 3rd party plugins, and other types of dynamic interactions with the user. Website developers work closely with website designers to bring the artistic design vision to life in the form of an interactive website. Websites different from web applications in that websites require simpler functionality and are primarily used as a marketing tool for a company, service, or product. Typically web applications deal with constant dynamically updating content, are made to scale to a large scale user base, and accomplish a functional goal that offers value to a user.

Skills & Technologies Used with BDR Marketing:

Website Development

  • WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript (ES6)

UI/UX Design

  • A combination of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign has been used for design work.

System & Server Administration (SysAdmin)

  • On-site IT System Administration
  • On-site IT Server Networking Maintenance & Troubleshooting


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