Our Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy Process

Client Discovery

Our primary priority is to help our clients accomplish their high-level business goals.

Two mandatory client discovery phases are required for each project we take on. The first discovery phase aims to better understand the client’s high-level business model and company objectives. The second discovery phase aims to review the progress of the project and obtain feedback to ensure we are approaching each aspect of the project in line with the client’s vision.

To successfully assist in achieving a specific business goal, we must fully understand a client’s business and the strategic direction they want to take. To ensure this success we make sure to define concrete Digital Marketing objectives that will meet the demands of the high-level business goals.

We take client discovery extremely seriously.

SEO Audit

An SEO Audit will be performed to reveal issues with Technical SEO, Content SEO, and other areas where sitewide SEO Quality can be improved.

Here is a quick breakdown of our SEO Auditing process:

  • Analyze and identify issues with the On-Site Technical SEO of the website.
  • Inspect each page’s On-Site Content for SEO Optimization Effectiveness.
  • Measure Current Keyword Rankings and Keyword Competition.
  • Survey the website’s Link Quality.
  • Perform a Google Analytics & Google Search Console Audit.

Keyword Research

The Keyword Analysis drawn from the SEO Audit will allow us to generate a more targeted keyword strategy to increase search engine visibility, decrease bounce rate, and increase conversion rate.

We will develop a well researched keyword portfolio to build the website’s content strategy around. The amount of keywords we will provide in the keyword portfolio depends on the amount of topics a digital marketing project covers. Additionally, we offer different levels of keyword research intensity depending on the level of SEO difficulty.

Content Strategy

We will determine each content page’s focus keyword and supporting keywords selected from the developed keyword portfolio. We take in account the client’s desired target buyer personas and leverage existing keywords.

Competitive keyword research and analysis with be performed on all selected target keywords. This Competitive SEO investigation will gather information pertaining to the competition’s SEO strategy and help determine how we can best compete for our target keywords.

Finally, we will use all this information to map out an SEO Blueprint for each content page in terms of keywords, content flow, internal linking, and other Content SEO elements.


We will create new page copy, or optimize existing copy, based on the SEO Blueprint laid out during the Content Strategy Development phase. We will optimize each textual page element that contributes to the page’s SEO, while sticking to the SEO Blueprint. Using the AIDA approach to copywriting, we will produce effective content that maximizes conversion potential. Once all copywriting efforts are completed, we will ensure compliance with the current SEO copywriting guidelines.

Technical SEO

We optimize the website and its content pages to ensure each component is SEO-Ready in terms of Google’s Current SEO Guidelines.

Here is a short-list of Technical SEO areas of focus:

  • Schema Markup Implementation, AMP Validation, SSL Certificate Configuration, Proper Redirect Configuration, Proper Pagination Configuration, Spam Score Analysis, Cache System Configuration, Broken Links Analysis, Indexation & Accessibility Quality.
  • Ensuring optimal page speed and a mobile-friendly user experience.

Data Strategy

The development of a data strategy will be tailored to the client’s high-level business objectives using insights gained throughout discovery consulting and performing research. The data strategy that is developed will be implemented with Google Analytics. We will setup and configure Google Analytics to collect, organize, analyze and present website data analytics in a streamlined fashion.

Here is a brief breakdown of our data strategy development process:

  • Determine data-driven insights based on the client’s business goals.
  • Define strategy and KPIs for chosen marketing channels.
  • Set up Google Analytics to effectively collect and clean data to provide clear analyzes.
  • Set up conversion tracking for defined marketing channel conversions.
  • Develop custom analytics dashboard to automate reporting efforts and reveal desired data-driven insights.

Other Services

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Google Adwords Campaign (SEM)
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Email Marketing using MailChimp or Constant Contact
  • Video Marketing via YouTube

Who Can Benefit?

  • Medical clinics interested in enhancing their medical practice search engine optimization
  • Law firms who want to rank higher on Google
  • Consultants or coaches who want more website leads