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Custom software development company in Brownsville TX


A custom software development company in Brownsville TX, that offers customized web development, app development, and digital marketing services to SMEs and start-ups.

The Right Product Development Strategy Levels the Playing Field

As a  custom software product development company, we know what it’s like to go up against competitors twice your size. We also know the right data-driven product strategy can create a level playing field, allowing you to compete in the Internet’s vast arena. We realize the importance of accomplishing a project’s real-world business goals alongside executing the necessary technical development. We keep the project’s primary purpose in mind and do not get lost in its technicalities.

Data Driven Product Strategy & Digital Product Development Services

Pronova Designs is an innovative digital technology development company based in Brownsville, TX. To help our clients successfully accomplish their high-level business goals, our digital product development services span simple website development, complex mobile app development, and beyond.


We bring the tech, design, and business expertise needed to advance your online presence

Our development style combines innovative technical development mixed with a business-savvy focus that includes:

Full Spectrum Approach

While competitors focus on one area of work like design or tech, we at Pronova Designs take a full spectrum approach to digital product strategy and product management. We delve deeply into the technical programming, creative UI/UX design, and business strategy aspects of every project.

Data-driven Agile Technical Dev

We acknowledge that a product development strategy's plan and direction need to be executed in a streamlined manner and to be backed by objective data – while any assumptions or “instincts” need to be backed by rigorous research and testing. That’s why we incorporate Agile, Lean, and data-driven development into all our projects.

Complete Suite of Services

We handle every part of your project from start to finish. We begin with early conceptualization and planning, followed by UI/UX design. Next, we execute the technical development, followed by testing and making the necessary adjustments to deploy. After we’ve deployed your product, we can take on your digital marketing strategy and implementation.

Don’t worry if that sounds too much! We offer flexible packages that fit your custom needs.

Our Digital Product Development Services

App Development

Full stack app development services that will take you from raw concept to deployment of a fully functionality mobile app and/or web app.

Digital Marketing

Full stack digital marketing services required to implement and maintain a integrated digital marketing strategy for your product and/or business.


Mobile & Web user interface design services for your next digital asset.

Website Development

Custom WordPress Website Design & Development for your product and/or business.

Official Digital Product Development Partners

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Pronova Designs CEO: Christopher A. Migliorini

Christopher A. Migliorini is the CEO and Owner of Pronova Designs LLC, an innovative digital product development agency based in Austin, TX. With an MBA in international business and information systems, his diverse experience allows him to effectively and efficiently manage each digital product development project aspect.

Christopher believes that, in the development of cutting-edge mobile apps and web app products, all technical, design, and business aspects of a project are equally important and must be executed synergistically to succeed.

Christopher is hands-on in all technical, design, and business aspects of Pronova Designs. Along with his team of technical developers and gang of creatives, each product gets the attention to detail it deserves.

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