Our Tested Approach to App Development

We offer full stack app development services. We make it a point to use a rapid iterative approach for app development whenever possible. Our process begins with heavy emphasis on understanding and mapping out our client’s vision. We believe that the successful development and deployment of an app starts with in-depth app development consultation and project planning. Fully defining the app’s goals and unique business model from the start, allows for a more fluid and productive development flow.

Once we have defined the client’s vision, we move on to the Conceptual Screen Mockups & Feature Flow developmental phase. We visually mockup the required screens for the app and detail how each screen will flow together. We implement a rapid iteration approach during this phase. We encourage gathering mockup feedback from potential users. This user feedback helps us work through two or three sets of mockup iterations. We believe by working out any issues or shortcomings pertaining to the app’s initial plan early on, will allow us to provide the best possible market-ready app.

Once we have worked through a two to three iterations of an app’s mockups based on user feedback, we move on to the User Interface Planning & Design phase. We have the capabilities and expertise to design for iOS and Android devices. Our designs are laid out primarily using the Sketch UI design tool. Additionally, we use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator as needed. Our designs will incorporate Native UI Elements for both iOS and Android. We believe that using native elements allows for a better user experience and a more fluid technical development process. Depending on a project’s specific needs, we will design the app for cross-device compatibility.

We develop natively programmed mobile apps for iOS & Android.

  • Our iOS mobile apps are developed with Swift 4 and xCode.
  • Our Android mobile apps are developed with Java and Android Studio.

Our Web Apps are developed using the cutting-edge ReactJS Javascript framework along with Redux, & ES6.

We utilize various server-side and database frameworks for backend development. Depending on the requirements and goals of a mobile application we use the most effective combination of various Server-side Frameworks, Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS), Platform-as-as-Service (PaaS), and Database Systems.

We engage in rigorous app testing to ensure a smoothly functioning app. During development we use simulated devices for both iOS and Android. After we have a majority of the programming completed we use actual iOS and Android devices. In order to make testing and efficient and effective as possible, we make use of integrated crash reporting using Crashlytics. If we find that an app is running sluggishly or underperforming in any way we engage in resource usage analysis and performance optimization to enhance an app’s functionality.

Once we have successfully developed and thoroughly tested an application, we take care of all the necessary deployment efforts.

Depending on an app project’s requirements, this can include:

  • Deployment to the iOS App Store.
  • Deployment to the Android Play store.
  • Deployment to the Web.

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